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Psp Ecological Consulting, Brisbane is founded on a reverence for an intimate knowledge of our natural heritage. As one of the most experienced environmental consultants in Brisbane, Director Steve Priday has built an extensive tacit knowledge base. Steve's 18 years as an Ecological Advisor, has afforded him vast experience in both the public and private sector and across all facets of environmental assessment, planning and management.

As a dedicated ecologist he maintains total independence and once briefed on the project can connect the dots and often deliver additional data collected in the field. With extensive experience working with government, Psp Ecological's environmental consultancy service Brisbane is the first choice for government and private clients looking for qualified ecological consultants who can deliver to project objectives and predict future requirements.

A passion for present day ecology inspired by the extinct Paradise Parrot

Psp is the abbreviation of the scientific name of the Paradise Parrot, the only bird species known to have become extinct on mainland Australia since European settlement. Director Steve Priday says, “It was a species I was obsessed with as a child when I hoped in vain that it might still persist in some little isolated pocket in central Queensland. More importantly, I think of it as a symbol of the replacement of the management of the Australian landscape by Indigenous Australians with that of the European settlers, a process that continues to this day with profound effects on our natural resources, including biodiversity.”

Psp Ecological Consulting, Environmental Consultants, Brisbane is committed to the sustainable management of Australia’s natural resources and endeavours to facilitate this with high quality, low cost environmental surveying and data collection and collation.

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Diamond Firetail (Stagonopleura guttata)

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