Ecological Impact Assessment

Ecological Impact Assessment is generally undertaken by drawing inferences from data collected within time- and spatial-scales that are not necessarily commensurate with processes operating within the ecosystems of concern. Site assessments are frequently supplemented by data collected from other sites to provide appropriate contextual settings at local and regional scales for more comprehensive assessment of impacts.

Informed land use and management decisions

Psp Ecological Consulting recognises that the key to ecological impact assessment is the reconciliation of the comparatively low information content of data sets typically used in ecological impact assessment with the fundamental requirement to provide unequivocal recommendations to inform land use and management decisions.

Psp Ecological Consulting boasts more than ten years experience in the area of ecological impact assessment, drawing on skills in terrestrial fauna and flora survey and mapping and a comprehensive knowledge of ecosystems throughout eastern Australia.

Eastern Yellow Robin (Eopsaltria australis)

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