Fauna Surveys

An ability to comprehensively and efficiently audit the biodiversity of an area is fundamental to establishing a foundation upon which assessments of impacts or implications for the management of species and ecosystems are based. It is essential that all available survey techniques are employed when a full account of the fauna species present in a particular location is desired.

However, it is not always possible to detect all species that may inhabit an area, either because some may be very cryptic or only occur in the location at certain times of the year. In such cases, assessments of habitat may be undertaken to be used as a basis for inferences of the likelihood of occurrence of such species and/or surveys may be deferred to a time when detection of these species is most likely.

Biodiversity auditing in eastern Australia

Psp Ecological Consulting brings a strong background in biodiversity auditing in eastern Australia to our fauna survey services. This includes extensive experience in undertaking surveys of groups requiring specialised techniques, such as micro-bats and certain frog and reptile species, and surveys targeting a large number of threatened species. Psp Ecological Consulting has experience in conducting surveys in a large range of habitats including the Mitchell Grass Plains of western Queensland, grassy woodlands of the eastern Australian wheat-sheep belt, montane grasslands of the Southern Tablelands of NSW, wet and dry sclerophyll forests throughout eastern Australia, temperate and subtropical rainforests and urban environments.

Eastern Yellow Robin (Eopsaltria australis)

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