Flora Surveys and Vegetation Mapping

An accurate and comprehensive account of a region’s biodiversity resources begins with an understanding of its vegetation assemblages. This generally involves undertaking floristic surveys and then either classifying species assemblages using multivariate techniques or linking the assemblages identified to existing classifications used in planning or regulatory frameworks (such as Queensland’s regional ecosystems).

Internal and external influences

Audits, classifications and map layers of vegetation assemblages need to take into account the dynamic nature of plant communities and the role that internal and external influences play in influencing biomass and species composition.

Comprehensive flora survey and vegetation mapping services

Psp Ecological Consulting combines experience in classification, mapping and management of vegetation assemblages across a range of bioregions in eastern Australia - from Acacia shrublands in the Murray-Darling basin to Natural Temperate Grasslands of the tablelands to grassy woodlands of coastal valley floors - with a comprehensive GIS capacity, to offer flora survey and vegetation mapping services ranging from assessments conducted at the local scale on individual land parcels to regional scale mapping projects.

Psp Ecological Consulting has experience in undertaking vegetation mapping projects using manual interpretation of high-resolution aerial imagery as well as more sophisticated techniques involving the interpretation of satellite imagery.

Eastern Yellow Robin (Eopsaltria australis)

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